Alligator II: The Mutation

Three men are spear fishing at night when they are attacked by something unseen. They are reported missing to the police and when Detective Hodges investigates, he finds that a boot with a foot in it has been washed ashore. The foot showed evidence of animal bites, and when three derelicts disappear and their remains are found crushed and severed, Hodges suspects it's the work of an alligator. His suspicions are correct, but this isn't just any alligator, it's a monster! It's the result of a chemical company's experiment after a baby alligator was dumped into the sewer along with toxic chemicals and made its way into a city lake. Hodges is hampered in his investigation by a ruthless land developer and a corrupt politician who refuse to cancel a celebration held at the lake. In the meantime, the alligator keeps getting hungrier... and... hungrier...

  • Starring: Dee Wallace Stone and Joseph Bologna
  • Director(s): Jon Hess
  • Producer(s): Golden Hawk Enterainment/AME, Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): Curt Allen
  • Release Date: Wednesday, August 01, 1990

Featured Animal Action

Both real and fake alligators were filmed. The giant mutant alligator is, of course, a fake. The alligator that was knifed and later exploded was fake. The fish that was speared in the film's opening was already dead and had been purchased at a market. The spear was moved slightly to make it appear that the fish was alive.