Mike (Matt Dillon) and Ty (Columbus Short) are armored truck guards who work together. Ty is coerced by Mike and other coworkers to help steal a truck containing several million dollars.

  • Starring: Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne and Jean Reno
  • Director(s): Nimrod Antal
  • Producer(s): Luis Guerrero
  • Screenwriter(s): James V. Simpson
  • Distributor: Sony Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Animals of Distinction
  • Release Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Featured Animal Action

American Humane monitored a scene in which two dogs sniff around a dumpster in an alley. A trainer placed each dog on its mark after the grounds were checked for hazards and food was scattered around the area. The trainers stood just off-camera. This scene did not appear in the theatrical release but may be in the DVD.