Blood In, Blood Out

Blood In...Blood Out, taking place in 1972, is the very violent story of gang life in the Barrios of East Los Angeles and it's end result for some...prison life. This film portrays one 18-year-old boy's story in particular, Michalo. He is half Mexican and half Caucasian, looking more white with bright blue eyes. He may look white, but has the heart and soul of a Mexican and will go to any lengths to prove himself as such, even murder for his people.

  • Starring: Jesse Borrego, Benjamin Brait, Enrique Castillo and Damien Chapa
  • Director(s): Taylor Hackford
  • Producer(s): Vato De Atole Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): Jimmy Santiago Baca
  • Distributor: Hollywood Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Friday, December 18, 1992

Featured Animal Action

In one scene three gang members are conversing, and in the background we see three roosters in a pen walking about. In another scene, off in the distance, three dogs can be seen walking through an alley and rummaging through trash. These were not animal actors. They were local animals who just happened to be captured on film in the background. Therefore, American Humane Association is not rating Blood In...Blood Out.