Children of The Corn

Another horror film in a series about people who live beyond the corn fields in a small town. Isaac is their leader and he wants to make sure that his race of people never die out. He wants his first born son and daughter, who are now nineteen, to have a child. They don't want to cooperate, they want to get as far away from this place as they can, but no one has ever been able to get out alive.

  • Starring: Stacy Keach and Natalie Ramsey
  • Director(s): Kari Skogland
  • Producer(s): Gatlin, Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): George Goldsmith
  • Distributor: Miramax
  • Animal Coordinator: Critters of the Cinema
  • Release Date: Monday, December 31, 2012

Featured Animal Action

Oh Rats!! A man strikes at a rat with an ax which hits the floor and the rat scurries away. One trainer set the rat on his mark and released him. Another trainer used a buzzer to call the animal over to him. As the rat ran from one trainer to the other, the actor gently struck the floor with the ax he was holding. The blade of the ax was rubber. Never Did Arrive Alive!! A dead fly appeared on a car windshield in one scene and dead birds were shown in three other scenes in this film. The production supplied documentation that these deceased animals were purchased at a taxidermist or were fake.