Diggstown is the action-packed story of just how serious boxing can be taken in a small town. This story involves ex-cons, crooked politics, prejudice, love, hate and, of corse, boxing. Gabe Kane, a convict, is running boxing matches in prison for money. He and a cell mate, Wolfe, have devised a plan. After their release they will make a bundle of money by going to Diggstown, Wolfe's home town, to arrange boxing matches. But, to assure their winning, they will bring in a "ringer" (a ringer is a professional boxer whom is stated to be an Not Monitored). Gabe finally gets his release date, which is only a few days before Wolfe's. Gabe goes to Diggstown to start things rolling, and look up his friend, Roy Palmer, also known as Honey Boy Roy,...the ringer. Gabe convinces Roy to go along with the plan to dupe the people of Diggstown for profit. They finally get the boxing match arranged, but there is just one, unexpected, tiny little kink in their plan. The only way that the community will agree to this boxing match is for Honey Boy Roy to take on ten of their best fighters. Little does Gabe and the crew know that Diggstown is bringing in a ringer of their own. Now we will see who dupes whom.

  • Starring: Louis Gosset, Jr., Oliver Platt, and Bruce Durn
  • Director(s): Michael Richie
  • Producer(s): Axis Productions
  • Distributor: Metro-Goldwin-Mayer Pictures, Inc.
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Thursday, June 04, 1992

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is minimal. Wolfe's sister, Emily, has a dog sitting service. She is seen walking 4 to 6 dogs on leashes through town. These dogs are also seen in dog pens in 2 background scenes and pigs are seen in a pen being fed.