Doc Hollywood

Ben Stone, a young East Coast surgeon, packs his bags and heads his fancy sports car for California and a plush job as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Enroute he takes a wrong turn down a country road where his car is disabled in a minor accident when he swerves to avoid some cows walking on the road. The local judge throws the book at him for wreckless driving and sentences him to sixteen hours at the local hospital. He meets a variety of smalltown eccentrics while tending to their medical and personal problems. Out of gratitude for treating a gangrenous toe, one man presents Stone with a pig. Stone in turn, presents the pig as payment for repairs on his car, to the local garage which does not accept credit cards. He learns just in time that the garage sold the pig to the local butcher and rescues the pig, whom he names Jasmine. Stone becomes increasingly charmed with smalltown practice and finds himself falling in love with Lou, his attractive ambulance driver.

  • Starring: Michael J. Fox and Julie Warner
  • Director(s): Michael Caton-Jones
  • Producer(s): Warner Brothers
  • Screenwriter(s): Laurian Leggett
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Friday, April 26, 1991

Featured Animal Action

Jasmine becomes a pet and is included in many scenes, frequently being walked with leash and harness. Because Lou is a vegetarian and animal rights activist, the film is able to deliver several pro-animal messages. There's a very funny scene where Lou and Stone sabotage a hunter's trapping area. The early scene where Stone swerves to avoid three cows walking on the road, was shot and edited in brief cuts and the car never came really close to the cows. Later, a dog sniffs around the disabled car. A horse and a variety of farm animals are seen very briefly in a smalltown parade sequence. When Lou and Stone take a moonlight ride in a small boat, a fish supposedly jumps in and Lou puts it back in the lake. The fish is only partially visible and a fake rubber fish was used.