Earthly Possessions

In this drama, a woman is taken hostage during a bank robbery. She has been living a very unhappy life and doesn't escape when the opportunity presents itself. Instead she discovers she likes living life on the edge and begins falling in love with the robber.

  • Starring: Susan Sarandon and Stephen Dorff
  • Director(s): James Lapine
  • Producer(s): Earthly Productions, Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): Steven Rogers
  • Distributor: HBO Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Society For Cats and Cornell Cooperative
  • Release Date: Monday, December 31, 2012

Featured Animal Action

When daylight peeks through, we find the couple asleep in the car. We see three cows grazing in a field. One cow is standing alongside the car with its head inside the car window. As the actress wakes up, she is startled by the cow and lets out a scream. The cow is also startled, quickly takes its head out of the car, begins to walk away and then turns back and glares at the actress before walking off. The actors try unsuccessfully to start the car and then push it through the field as the cows stand grazing nearby. A fence surrounded the field during the entire shoot. The cows were at least twenty feet from the car at all times while grazing in the field. The car was pushed, never driven on the field. A trainer placed one cow on its mark next to the car. Another trainer was on the floor, inside the car, holding a treat for the cow who poked its head inside and ate it. The cow instinctively removed its head from the car when startled by the awakened actress. The trainer was kneeling behind the car and began to lead the cow away with a very long leash and cued the cow to turn and look at the actress one last time before they walked off together. Later in the film, a young girl unzips her bag to reveal a cat. She picks the cat up and holds it while she talks to the others. She hands the cat to another actress who cuddles it as she talks. Later the cat runs across a lawn and the actress walks off looking for it. The trainer put the cat inside a bag and partially zipped it up. The actress immediately opened the bag and took the cat into her arms. After petting the cat for awhile the actress handed the cat to the other actress who cuddled the cat as she delivered her lines. When the cat ran across the lawn, one trainer released the cat to a second trainer who used a verbal command to call the cat. At the end of the film the trainer handed the cat to an actress who holds it in her arms along with her baby. The trainer took the cat from the actress as soon as the camera stopped rolling. In another brief scene, the trainer doubles as the actor and walks a dog on a leash.