Goldy 3: The Magic of the Golden Bear

Goldy III: The Magic of the Golden Bear is the second sequel about a little girl named Jesse and her pet bear, Goldy. Jesse has dreams of being a circus performer with Goldy in her act. What ultimately develops in the movie teaches us to understand and respect freedom for all living creatures.

  • Starring: Cheech Marin, Mr. T, Bonnie Morgan, Buck Flower John Quinn and Kevin Brophy
  • Director(s): John Quinn
  • Producer(s): Desert Moon Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): Trevor Black, Lynette Cahill
  • Distributor: LIVE Entertainment
  • Release Date: Tuesday, July 12, 1994

Featured Animal Action

The movie begins with quick cuts of the citizens of the woods; squirrels, an owl, other assorted birds, a fox, a rabbit, raccoon, and a mountain lion who are simply living their lives in their natural habitat of harmony and freedom. Throughout the film we see various shots of animals in their natural state. A Shaman who calls himself Freedom, lives in the forest as a protector of all God's creatures. As an example, we see a mountain lion slowly wandering through the giant sequoia trees, several yards from a steel trap. She is about to step into the trap when an owl suddenly cries out through the forest, diverting the mountain lion's attention. As she lifts her paw to take what appears to be the last step into the waiting trap, a pole from off camera is thrust into the trap, which snaps shut. The startled lion takes off running into the heavy woods. In reality, the lion was never near the trap. When the lion is seen running into the woods, one trainer holds and releases the cat which runs to 2nd trainer who calls it with a buzzer and food given as a reward. In the next scene, a character named Pops and his two bumbling sons, Floyd and Melvin, the hunters who set the traps, stumble up to their fourth trap, only to find it not only demolished, but very empty. However, they are breaking the law by hunting out of season and poaching. There are so many endearing scenes with Goldy and Jesse, that to mention them all would be like rewriting the script. At one point near the beginning of the film, we see Goldy riding a bicycle around in circles just outside the school house. For this scene, a man was dressed in a bear costume. Jesse and Goldy live with Jesse's Uncle Ned and his partner, Franklin. Goldy has a crush on Franklin, who also adores her. However, a young woman, Belle, is also enamored with Franklin and periodically drops in to visit him, bringing fresh baked pies. On one occasion, Goldy sneaks up to the window and eats chunks of the pie. For this scene, food for the bear was placed upon a fake pie and Goldy merely licked the food off and then pulled it off the window sill. In another scene, Jesse leaves for school without Goldy because Uncle Ned is still angry with Goldy for eating Belle's pie. Ned wants Goldy to learn to behave by helping out with chores on the ranch. Upon awakening, Goldy is dismayed to find Jesse gone, and there is no breakfast left for her. Goldy takes off on her own to hunt for some berries and wanders to Belle's house. Belle has recently washed clothes, which are hanging outside. The jealous Goldy grabs a dress down off the line. Later we see Goldy wearing the dress, along with one of Belle's bonnets, back at the ranch to show off to Ned. (Or is it Franklin?) Periodically we see a raven flying through the forest to visit Freedom. The raven lands on Freedom's arm, shoulder or hand and squawks. For these scenes, one trainer would stand on a ladder off camera and would release the raven to another trainer, also on a ladder off camera, calling it with food. It is rumored that there is a man who cares for the wild life and roams the mountains and woods, appearing suddenly and disappearing just as suddenly. He is called the Ghostman. One day while walking through the wood, Goldy and Jesse happen upon Freedom who has appeared out of nowhere. Freedom is speaking to a raven who is perched on his arm. Naturally, Freedom's sudden appearance frightens Goldy and Jesse. Jesse yells for Goldy to run, but Goldy is way ahead of her. To make Goldy run off, the trainer merely tossed some food down the road so that the bear would run to the food. In a nearby town Mr. Borgia, a magician, and his loyal assistant Hugo, a dwarf, prepare to take their act on the road since they have been booed off the stage in a local saloon. While awaiting his invitation from the King of Siam to perform his magic for the royal Court of Bankok, Borgia checks his crystal ball and sees what appears to be Jesse and Goldy. Borgia feels that if he has Goldy in the act, he will once again be in demand throughout the world. So, off they go in search of Goldy and Jesse. As they continue on their journey in the Gypsy wagon, a bandit sits on top of his horse watching the wagon pass by along the road. A bandit rides out of the bushes and pulls up alongside the wagon in an attempt to rob them at gun point. Borgia has no money, but offers the bandit a large diamond, with which he hypnotizes him. The bandit thanks them for all of the money and simply rides away. No gun is ever fired. Borgia and Hugo arrive in Calhoun Corners where they stage an impromptu magic show. In various scenes Borgia pulls his lucky rabbit from his coat pocket. In another scene, Borgia, with a whirl of his cape, pulls out the rabbit from his hat. For this scene, the trainer simply placed the rabbit in the hat and the actor removed it. In the scene with the cape, the trainer just handed the rabbit underneath the cape to Borgia. In the meantime, Pops and his two bumbling sons, Floyd and Melvin, are not only terrified of the Ghostman, but are also afraid of their own shadows. The whole town has been teasing them unmercifully about their fears. To prove that they are actually brave, they begin to hunt for a large bear to kill and bring back to town. As they are aimlessly hunting for the largest bear around, the three misfits spot Goldy as she and Jesse are on a walk. One of them takes aim, but fortunately for Goldy, these old mountain boys just don't aim so well. The shot misses Goldy, but not before she faints. Unaware that Goldy is all right, Jesse runs to her, sobbing, trying to awaken her. She is astonished and grateful when Goldy opens her eyes. This scene was shot in cuts. We never see Goldy when the shot is fired, as she is supposedly behind some foilage. When we see her lying on the ground, the trainer merely positioned the bear on her back and told her to stay, with food as a reward. Freedom appears once again and terrifies Pops and the boys who head for the hills. Borgia, on the other hand, is completely transformed into the raven, and prepares to be of assistance to Freedom or whomever needs his help. Later, Freedom tells Jesse that Goldy must be set free to learn what should be her natural instincts, and to also find her mate. In her heart Jesse knows Freedom is right, so she prepares to set Goldy free. Jesse, Uncle Ned, Franklin, Freedom and Borgia, as the raven, meet in the forest. Borgia supposedly hypnotizes Goldy, telling her that when she hears Jesse say "Return to the wilderness.", she will once again be wild and not remember anything of her domestic life. Jesse walks up to Goldy and asks that she let a little part of her remember Jesse, "Just sometimes." Jesse gives Goldy a kiss good-bye, and utters the words "Return to the wilderness." Goldy starts to run away from them, then suddenly she stops. She looks back at Jesse for a long last look. Then she turns and makes her way up a cliff. There waiting for her is the golden bear who will be her mate.