Good Girl, Bad Girl

Bad Girl is an adult comedy revolving around Terri, a young woman aspiring to be an actress, and how she takes up erotic dancing in order to acquire the needed cash to produce her own movie.

Terri, with the aid of her boyfriend, manage to kidnap a smuggler and hold him hostage until he confesses where his smuggled goods are. He reveals that what he is smuggling are some very rare snakes, worth millions on the black market. They take the snakes, creating a comedy of errors before the snakes are finally in the right hands and Terri receives the money for her movie venture.

  • Starring: Tammy Stones, Edwin Neal, Donnis Worthington and Colleen Keegan
  • Director(s): John Woodward
  • Producer(s): Kipp Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): Tammy Stones, John Woodward
  • Distributor: Bruder Releasing, Inc.
  • Release Date: Thursday, March 03, 1994

Featured Animal Action

The snakes are referred to more often than they are seen. When the snakes are finally seen, they are in a large glass bowl. Terri removes the snakes and places then in a cloth bag. The bag is then passed through many different hands. It is thrown out of a window to a waiting man below. It is also thrown into a slow moving car where a man sits on it accidentally and supposedly is bitten by the snakes. Another man shoves the bag down his pants and a dog starts barking at the man's crotch. In all of these instances there were no snakes in the bag. The snakes were released from the bag right after the shot of them being placed in the bag was completed These two common variety garter snakes were purchased from a local pet store and, after filming, the 2nd Assistant Director took them home as pets. The dog, which was the producer's pet, simply followed his owner's verbal commands to "Speak".

In a final scene, the snakes are let out of the bag onto a table. The snakes were placed in the bag right before this scene was shot and then released. There is also one scene where the dog is seen sleeping on the floor.