Joe's Rotten World

Joe's Rotten World is a film about a guy named Joe and how crazy he becomes while waiting for an answer on his dissertation for his degree. Joe calls everyday to the university to find out if there is an answer on his paper, which actually is more like a novel. It contains two thousand pages of reasons why the world is such an awful and unhappy place. He becomes so obsessed with his project that he neglects his wife and everyone around him. His wife can't take anymore and so after one more night of listening to Joe talk in his sleep, she leaves him.

  • Starring: Ramsey Midwood, Jessica Hecht and Ricky Dean Logan
  • Director(s): Richard LaBrie
  • Producer(s): Joe's Films
  • Screenwriter(s): Richard LaBrie
  • Distributor: Joe's Films

Featured Animal Action

In one of Joe's dream sequences a dog jumps up on him, puts his paws on his shoulders and begins to lick his face. To accomplish this the trainer merely instructed the dog to jump up on Joe. Baby food was placed on the actors face to get the dog to lick him. There is another scene where Joe is chased by a bee. The insect lands on his chest and bites him. For this scene a remote controlled animatronic bee was used.