Life Stinks

Life Stinks takes a satirical look at the plight of the homeless in our society today. As seen through the eyes of producer, director and star, Mel Brooks, the film is warm and humorous, touched with moments of pathos, and, at times, brilliantly funny. Greedy and powerful, billionaire land-developer, Goddard Bolt makes a bet with his arch nemesis, Crasswell, he can survive alone in the slums of Los Angeles for thirty days. His limo drops him off in the heart of a seedy area without identification, money, or credit cards and he's left to fend for himself. In the next few weeks he learns some hard lessons about life and love. He survives the thirty days, but his elation is short-lived when he learns that Crasswell has double-crossed him, his associates have betrayed him, and he is truly poor. Penniless, he rallies the homeless and they fight back.

  • Starring: Mel Brooks and Leslie Ann Warren
  • Director(s): Mel Brooks
  • Producer(s): Brooksfilms, Ltd.
  • Distributor: MGM Studios
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Wednesday, June 19, 1991

Featured Animal Action

As Bolt is looking for a decent place to sleep he takes refuge inside a large pipe. Just as he makes himself comfortable, several rats run through the pipe and around the area where he's sitting. The rats were merely running from point A to B, with food as a reward. In another scene, a room clerk stomps on a mouse in a seedy hotel. No mouse was there and the actor merely pantomimed the stomping action.