Lucky Luke: Daisy Town

Lucky Luke: Daisy Town, is a slapstick western that finds our hero, Lucky Luke, and his trusty talking horse, Jolly Jumper, residing as sheriff and sidekick in Daisy Town, now a boring little town because Luke has cleaned it up so well. But, as fate would have it, the four outlaw Dalton brothers get out of prison only to seek revenge on the man who put them there, Lucky Luke. The sheriff prevails and sends the bumbling outlaws back to jail, saving Daisy Town and keeping peace with the Indians as well.

  • Starring: Terrance Hill
  • Director(s): Terrance Hill
  • Producer(s): Paloma Films
  • Screenwriter(s): Lori Hill, Carl Sautter
  • Distributor: Academy Entertainment
  • Release Date: Tuesday, August 23, 1994

Featured Animal Action

There is a lot of animal action in this western but it is primarily mild horse and horse and buggy atmosphere. There is some hard riding, but done mostly by Jolly Jumper who is a horse with a great many tricks to his credit. Jolly Jumper is seen in many instances where he appears to be making comments on the action taking place around him. This is done with a close up of the horse and a voice over actor speaking as the horse. The horse's mouth does not move in sync with the voice over, however the illusion is that he is speaking or merely thinking the comments to himself. Jolly Jumper is seen kneeling when Lucky Luke tells him to "duck", sitting on the bank of the river with his back to us appearing to be fishing with Luke, lying on the ground sleeping with Luke, head to head, and even dancing at the square dance by prancing back and forth to the music. Jolly Jumper also bends down by stretching out his front legs and lowering his head to allow Luke to mount more easily. This is a highly trained horse who responded to verbal commands by his trainer. In one scene Jolly Jumper encounters a rattle snake. The snake is coiled and Jolly talks to Luke letting him know to come over and deal with the snake. Luke carefully uses a forked stick to isolate the head of the snake, picking him up by the back of the neck and supporting his body with the other hand and eventually heads him in another direction away from Jolly Jumper. The scene was shot in cuts and in reality it was the snake's handler who manipulated the stick. For the safety of Jolly Jumper, there was a 5' X 4' piece of Plexiglas between the horse and the snake at all times. In another scene Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper are riding hard to get back to Daisy Town to warn the settlers of a possible Indian attack. They run right into the river, hitting the water hard. The next scene is of Jolly on his back with Luke sitting on his chest giving the horse CPR by moving Jolly's legs up and down. The American Humane Association was not on this production for this scene and we have no knowledge of how this particular stunt was accomplished. Later, a bloodhound runs up to one of the outlaws who is now back in prison and sitting on a stool out in the prison yard. The Dalton brother gives the dog a pat as if he were an old friend. This production was done by a foreign production company. It was shot in the United States but employed a foreign animal trainer. The American Humane Association was not initially aware of the production, nor was the production company aware of the American Humane Guidelines for the Protection of All Animals in Film. By the time we were aware of this production, the above scene with the horse fall into the river and the scene using the dog had already been shot. Once the American Humane Association became involved in the production of these Lucky Luke episodic films, American trainers replaced the original trainer and the guidelines were followed from that point. Originally this film was rated "Unacceptable." Due to new information that has come to light, we believe that no animal was actually harmed in the making of this film. Further, the production company, upon finding out about American standards, was very cooperative and followed American Humane Guidelines throughout the remainder of the shoot. Therefore, we are rating Lucky Luke: Daisy Town "Questionable."