Mom and Dad Save the World

Mom And Dad Save The World is a comedy-fantasy in which an ordinary Earth couple embark on a vacation and have an adventure that is truly out of this world. Somewhere at the edge of the galaxy, Lord Tod Spengo, the Destroyer, rules over his planet, a planet of idiots. Spengo wants to destroy planet Earth so that his planet will be the grandest in the universe. One day while scanning planet Earth on his video monitor, he spies a rare vision. It is Marge Nelson, a middle-aged suburban housewife, and mom, doing her daily Jazzercise. In an instant Spengo loses his heart to Marge and decides he must have her before he can destroy Earth. When Marge and her husband Dick pack up the family car for a trip, Spengo uses a powerful magnet that pulls their car off the road and into outer space. When they arrive on Spengo's planet, he throws Dick into prison, while Marge is prepared for a royal wedding ceremony.

  • Starring: Teri Garr and Jeffrey Jones
  • Director(s): Greg Beeman
  • Producer(s): Michael Phillips
  • Screenwriter(s): Chris Matheson, Ed Solomon
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Tuesday, July 02, 1991

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is very minimal. A burro can be seen in a photo taken on one of the Nelson's former vacations. Salty, the family dog, is present in several scenes. When Dick is thrown into prison he sees an enormous rat which was actually a fake puppet. Puppets were also used to portray sea creatures