Second Chances

Second Chances is a film about a group of scientists who develop a serum that, when injected into lab rats, makes them become younger in age. Staff members from a rival laboratory break into the compound in an attempt to steal the serum and the alarm is triggered, alerting the scientist of an intrusion. Three of the scientists escape with a lab rat and the serum. After reaching safety, the group decides to test it on themselves and the results are disastrous as they regress to a pre-adolescent age. Now they must find a way to get back to their lab to retrieve the antidote without being caught.

  • Starring: Arty Johnson
  • Director(s): Lyman Dayton
  • Producer(s): Second Hance Prod. Inc.
  • Distributor: Dayton Studios
  • Release Date: Thursday, June 06, 1996

Featured Animal Action

There are some guinea pigs seen in cages in a laboratory setting. One guinea pig is standing on a lab table wearing a harness strapped around his body. There are two small cables hooked up to his back legs. There are a few other scenes where a guinea pig is seen being picked up and carried by an actor, placed on a table, or put into a cage. In one scene two guinea pigs are seen being placed inside a back pack.

Other animal action consists of a tarantula seen in a small terrarium on a desk. In another scene a boy picks up a spider and supposedly tosses it through the air where it lands on another boys face.