Linguini Incident, The

Monte, a compulsive gambler, becomes increasingly indebted to Cecil and Donte, the restaurant owners where he is employed. Lucy, a waitress at the restaurant, is also a bumbling escape artist who aspires to be a magician. She believes that if she aquires Mrs. Houdini's wedding ring she will become successful in her quest. Together Monte and Lucy decide to rob the restaurant with the aid of Viv, Lucy's best friend in order to solve all their problems and accomplish their dreams. This leads to a hilarious series of mis-adventures.

  • Starring: Rosanna Arquette and David Bowie
  • Director(s): Richard Shepard
  • Producer(s): Linguini Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): Tamar Brott, Richard Shepard
  • Release Date: Tuesday, April 23, 1991

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is very mild. Lucy has a pet rabbit that is seen sleeping with her and sitting on her couch. Other animal action consists of fish in a large fish aquarium as background only.