Undercover Kid

A present day comedy set in a small Mid-American town. The Anderson's, Mary and Richard, are ex-state department officials turned law professors. They have a nine year old son, Max, who claims he can communicate with his pet dog, Bo and cat, Nellie, causing his parents great concern over his mental stability. The President of the United States is making a whistle-stop visit in their town. Therefore all ex-state officials and their families are provided with bodyguards/drivers. Max's driver is female agent, Clysdale, Clyde for short. After school one day Max and Bo are at the park throwing Frisbees when three men and a white German Shepherd show up. The German Shepherd gets away from his owner and runs straight towards Max and Bo. When she reaches them she tells Bo that her owner is planning to assassinate the President at his whistle stop visit. The three men come running to catch her but she runs off, with two of them in pursuit and the other, Brach, terrorizing Max. The park rangers pull up asking Max if he is alright and after telling them what is going on, he and Bo go home. When Max arrives home he goes straight in to tell his dad about the incident at the park. While Richard is calling the local authorities, Max tells him that Bo is the one that told him about the plot to assassinate the President. His dad gets so mad, he sends Max to his room. That night Mary and Richard decide to send Max to a shrink. The next day, Clyde shows up at school with Bo to pick Max up and take him to see the shrink. Later that afternoon Max and Bo go to the park to meet his friend Buzzy. He tells her about the incident with the German Shepherd, and how Bo communicates with him, but she doesn't believe him either. To convince her, Bo tells Max what is in her pockets and he repeats it to Buzzy. She looks inside her pockets and sure enough he is right. The three of them start throwing the frisbee when Bo smells something and realizes it is the German Shepherd. She comes running towards them, stopping to talk to Bo and gives him a medallion necklace. The necklace has some significance, because the men are in hot pursuit of the dog. Buzzy and Max along with Bo take off in the opposite direction. After going over everything the dog has told them, Max realizes he must act soon. The problem now is how to convince someone to listen and believe his bizarre story.

  • Starring: Bradley Pierce
  • Director(s): Linda Schayne
  • Producer(s): Don Schayne
  • Screenwriter(s): Dennis Carr, Elise Pritcher
  • Release Date: Wednesday, August 30, 1995

Featured Animal Action

In one scene the paper boy rides by throwing the paper in the yard and Bo comes trotting around the side of the house. He goes over to the paper picking it up in his mouth heading for the house. Bo takes the paper into the kitchen and stands beside Richard's chair waiting for him to take it. He bends down removing the paper from the dogs mouth. The trainer used voice and hand signals along to cue the dog from point A to B with food as a reward. Mary goes up to wake Max, but Bo and Nellie have already told him to get up, that his mother was on her way up the stairs. The pair jump over to the window seal until Mary leaves, then they jump back over to the bed. Again the trainer used voice and hand signals along with a buzzer to cue the animals to go from point A to B with food as a reward. In the scene where Max and Bo are in the park, they see Brach and his men walking the German Shepherd. The dog gets away, running towards Max and Bo. Then Max gets on his bike with Bo sitting in a basket on the front as they go home to tell Richard their news. For this scene the dog had been pre-trained to ride in the basket. In yet another scene Mary, acting on the advice from the psychologist, calls the animal shelter pick up Bo and Nellie. In desperation, Max calls Clyde pleading for her help. She goes to the animal shelter to retrieve the dog and cat, returning to the house. Clyde comes back to the house after finding the animals at the shelter. Bo jumps out of her car window as she stops in the driveway, to follow the van driving off with Max inside. Then Nellie shows Clyde how to climb up the tree outside Max's window to get in the house. When Bo comes back he tells Nellie he can show them where the hideout is. Nellie runs to the car jumping in through driver side window while Bo waits for Clyde to open the door. The trainer used voice and hand signals to cue the animals to the mark with food given as a reward. Then Clyde and the animals are driving to the hideout where Max is being held. Nellie is sitting in Clydes lap with her paws on the steering wheel supposedly helping her steer in the direction Bo is telling her to go. There is a scene where the terrorist, dressed as men from the utilities company, come to Max's house to retrieve the medallion. Nellie paws at the window and Max lets them out the door. They go downstairs finding the men going through the desk. Bo barks at one of the men before biting his leg while Nellie jumps at him from the stairs. She then gets on the top of a picture frame and jumps at the mans throat. To accomplish this scene, trainer #1 tossed the cat to trainer #2 who catches him. Trainer #2 holds the animal against his neck to make it look as though the cat is attacking him. In yet another scene, Max is being held prisoner by the terrorist in a building when a raven flies up landing on a stair railing. The raven walks back and forth, then flies off to get help after Max pleads with him. The bird comes back with around a dozen dogs to help Max escape. They come running down the winding staircase and start pulling and biting at his ropes, until they loosen them. The guards hear the barking coming from the other side of the door and when they open it, dogs come charging towards them. When they arrive at the ceremony for the president the dogs go running through the kitchen knocking people over. One man has a cake in his hands and falls with the cake landing on his face. The dog who caused him to fall starts to lick the cake from his face. Another dog bites one of the terrorists in the butt. In the banquet hall Nellie finds the sniper in the balcony. She climbs up the scaffold then jumping at the man attacking him. In the meantime Bo jumps at the gunman on the floor. At a ceremony honoring the trio, Bo and Nellie walk up the stairs to sit on a little podium to receive their medals. When the men come from the animal shelter for Bo and Nellie they take them away in separate cages. To accomplish this scene, the trainers merely called the animals with a buzzer to the crates. In the doctors office Bo sits on the couch while the doctors dog sits on a podium of sorts licking the outside of an orange. Nellie pats Bo on the leg after Max leaves for school signaling him to come upstairs. There are many scenes where the dog or cat merely run from A to B throughout the film. To accomplish this type of scene the trainers merely used verbal and visual commands along with food as a reward.