Just Your Luck

Whiskey Down is a film about a group of people in a diner and how far they will go to collect winnings from a lottery ticket after the winner has a heart-attack.

  • Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Virginia Madsen, Ernie Hudson
  • Director(s): Gary Auerbach
  • Producer(s): Greg Cundiss
  • Distributor: Polygram Video
  • Release Date: Monday, September 23, 1996

Featured Animal Action

There is a scene where a man is knocked onto the kitchen floor of the diner and a few cockroaches are seen crawling around his face. A special border was built around the area where the cockroaches were filmed and Vaseline was applied to the top to prevent them from escaping. The trainer released the roaches from a container and retrieved them at completion of the shot.