Windtalkers were Navajo soldiers employed during World War II to decode top-secret messages from the US government. Aware of the danger to these soldiers, the military assigned a Marine to each one to guard them from capture by the Japanese army. However, these Marines were also under orders to kill the Navajo soldier if capture appears imminent. Nicolas Cage plays Sgt. Joe Enders, a Marine guard for one of the Navajo codebreakers.

  • Starring: Nicolas Cage, Christian Slater, Adam Beach
  • Director(s): John Woo
  • Producer(s): Terrence Chang, Tracie Graham
  • Screenwriter(s): Joe Rice, Joe Batteer
  • Distributor: MGM
  • Animal Coordinator: World Wide Movie Animals
  • Release Date: Friday, June 14, 2002

Featured Animal Action

Village Animals As the troops invade a village, several chickens and ducks peck on the ground while a goat wanders around amongst the people. The set was fenced-off and trainers spread food on the ground for the animals to nibble on as the sequence wasbeing filmed. Butterfly As a butterfly flutters over a pond, the water turns red from blood. The butterfly was computer generated. Birds At the beach, Joe watches as two Pelicans fly overhead and a seagull stands on a rock near the ocean. The birds were filmed in their natural habitat and were not animal actors.