With Honors

With Honors is a heart warming story involving four Harvard students, Monty, Courtney, Jeff and Everett, who are all roommates. We see what happens when they have a chance encounter with Simon B. Wilder, a homeless man who has been living in the boiler room of the Harvard library. One evening as Monty is working diligently on his thesis, there is a power outage which completely deletes all the information on his computer. Luckily, Monty has one hard copy of his treasured thesis printed, but he gets nervous about having only one copy and decides to go and make copies to save any further worries. Courtney accompanies him that evening and as he is jogging ahead of her, he turns to speak and trips, dropping the thesis down a ledge where it falls through the slats to the boiler room. Panicked, Monty has Courtney distract the school guard so he can get in to retrieve his thesis. When he enters the boiler room, he discovers a homeless man burning the pages of his thesis in the furnace for warmth. Monty rushes the man for the pages, but the man threatens to burn all the pages if Monty takes another step. The man introduces him self as Simon B. Wilder, and states that he will be more than happy to give Monty's work back to him, one page at a time, with a price for each page. We watch as a close relationship evolves between these unlikely companions and what the true meaning of friendship and honor really is.

  • Starring: Joe Pesci, Brenden Fraiser, Patrick Dempsey, and Morina Kelly
  • Director(s): Alek Keshishian
  • Producer(s): Paula Weinstein and Amy Robinson
  • Screenwriter(s): William Mastrosimone
  • Distributor: Warner Bros., Inc.
  • Release Date: Friday, April 29, 1994

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is minimal. Everett has a pet rooster named Gorky, who is present in a few scenes, always in his cage, either at home, at the radio station where Everett works, or being carried. In all instances the rooster was simply placed in the cage by his handler and filmed.