The plan was easy; the job was not. On a snowy night a tight crew of four criminals plan to pull off a routine heist. When things go horribly wrong, friendship, loyalty and trust are pushed to the limit.

  • Starring: Mick Rossi, Robert Miano and Aaron Gallagher
  • Director(s): Phillip Guzman
  • Producer(s): Mike Guzzo
  • Screenwriter(s): Mick Rossi, Phillip Guzman
  • Distributor: Inception Media Group
  • Animal Coordinator: Arthur Amaral
  • Release Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008

Featured Animal Action

American Humane Association Certified Animal Safety Representatives™ DID NOT MONITOR the animal action in 2:22 because the production DID NOT contact American Humane Association regarding the use of animals in their film. Although the film carries the "No Animals Were Harmed®" disclaimer at the end, American Humane Association's Film & TV Unit DID NOT issue an official disclaimer to the film. American Humane Association has contacted the production and asked them to remove the unauthorized disclaimer.