Blues Brothers 2000

Blues Brothers 2000 is a sequel to the infamous film Blues Brothers. In this version, Elwood Blues has just been released from prison and is trying to reestablish the old band.

  • Starring: Dan Akroryd and John Goodman
  • Director(s): John Landis
  • Producer(s): MEC Blues Productions Ltd. Ptr.
  • Screenwriter(s): Dan Aykroyd, John Landis
  • Distributor: Universal Studios
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Friday, December 19, 1997

Featured Animal Action

The animal action consists of a dog walked on a leash, 2 horses being lead by a wrangler on the side of the road, fish supposedly floating by a car in the water, some mice on the floor, an alligator opening its mouth and a man walking an alligator on a leash. For the above action, the trainers placed the animals on their mark and cued them with verbal and hand commands.