Broken Flowers

When a pink, unsigned letter arrives with the news that he may have a 19-year-old son he never knew of, confirmed bachelor Don Johnston (Bill Murray) goes on a cross-country quest to locate four former girlfriends and confront his checkered romantic past. Next door neighbor and armchair sleuth Winston helps Don plan his itinerary and get to the bottom of this filial mystery.

  • Starring: Bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright, Sharon Stone and Francis Conroy
  • Director(s): Jim Jarmusch
  • Producer(s): Jim Jarmusch, Jon Kilik, Jean Labadie
  • Screenwriter(s): Jim Jarmusch
  • Distributor: Focus Features
  • Animal Coordinator: Birds and Animals
  • Release Date: Friday, August 05, 2005

Featured Animal Action

American Humane's role
American Humane's Film & Television Unit did not monitor the animal action in this film. Broken Flowers is a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) production, and therefore it was required to provide American Humane's Certified Animal Safety Representatives on-set access whenever animals were used. However, due to limited resources and/or scheduling conflicts, American Humane's Film & Television Unit was unable to directly supervise scenes in which animals appeared. Because the filmmakers did provide a pre-release screening of Broken Flowers, and the production complied with requirements established by American Humane, the film has received American Humane's Not Monitored: Met Production Expectations rating.

How to make sure the American Humane Association is there
Because the film industry is vast, American Humane needs your support to better protect animals used in entertainment. You can help make sure the American Humane Association is there to monitor animal action in future films by:
1) Registering on our website and indicating your interest in "No Animals Were Harmed."® The more people who register, the stronger American Humane's impact will be on actors, producers, and film distributors.
2) Choosing to spend your money on films that express a commitment to the humane treatment of animal actors. Before buying tickets, look for the review of the animal action and make sure the film's producers have taken the right steps to ensure animal safety and well-being.
3) Letting your voice be heard. At the movies, stay tuned through the end credits to be sure the film received the "No Animals Were Harmed" Disclaimer. If you do not see it, e-mail your concerns to American Humane at