Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl, set in 1962, is the story of three childhood buddies, Ned, Scott and Roy, and how they drive all the way from Indiana to Nevada just to see Marilyn Monroe. Roy, Ned and Scott have been the best of friends all of their lives, and now, with Roy joining the Army, Scott getting married, and Ned contemplating College, the three feel that they will lose some of their closeness. They decide to have one last adventure together. They will find Marilyn Monroe, their idol, and one of them will take her on a date. So Roy borrows his fathers car, without permission, and the trio take off on their quest. We watch as some hilarious predicaments crop up on their journey, with the final outcome quite a surprise.

  • Starring: Gabriel Olds, Jason Priestley and Jerry O' Collell
  • Director(s): John Whitesell
  • Producer(s): Columbia Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Paul W. Shapiro
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Tuesday, February 02, 1993

Featured Animal Action

In one scene the boys have accidently gone to the wrong house in search of Marilyn. A man answers the door and says that there is no Marilyn there. The boys become quite insistent, so the man asks them to stay right where they are while he gets Marilyn. He comes back with his large guard dog and lets her off the leash, telling her to "Get 'um, Marilyn." The dog barks and chases the boys, catching Scott by his wooden leg. Scott gets free and the boys take off. This scene was shot in several cuts. When the dog runs after the boys, he is actually following hand and verbal commands to run towards his trainer, who is out of camera range. The trainer doubled for the actor when the dog grabs onto the pant leg. He held onto the pant leg of his trainer and released it on cue. In another scene the three boys are trying to gain access to Marilyn's home. They had read an article stating that Marilyn had a soft spot for all animals, and that she once brought a cow into her home when it was raining. With this knowledge the trio hijack a cow out of a pasture and transport her, via truck, to Marilyn's' house. They lead the cow into Marilyn's front yard where Scott proceeds to turn on the hose, spraying water up in the air so that it resembles rain while Ned and Roy hide in the bushes making mooing sounds. The cow walks around in the yard under the water while Ned holds onto a rope tied around the cow's neck. The cow used for this scene was a movie cow that likes people and does not mind getting wet.