Day Out With Gordy, A

Pretty in pink and pushing sixty, Flo gets a nasty shock when her weathered but handsome husband, Harry, accidentally backs his car over her beloved cat, Gordy. In the back seat the body of the cat is still warm, but the atmosphere in the car is chilly as the couple heads out to a senior special lunch. Events take a bizarre turn when a thief pilfers the bag containing the kitty's corpse.

  • Starring: Nicolas Coster, Ronnie Claire Edwards and Tantoo Cardinal
  • Director(s): Danika Kohler
  • Producer(s): IPO Productions/Danika Productions
  • Distributor: TBD/Experimental Film Short
  • Animal Coordinator: Betty Ann Conard
  • Release Date: Monday, April 01, 2013

Featured Animal Action

No real kitty was harmed in this experimental short film. Gordy was played by Nutsack, the pet of a member of the local Humane Society Board of Directors in Great Falls, Montana, where the film was shot. Before the fateful accident, Gordy is seen as the lordly house cat. He is lounging on the sofa he has "antiqued" with his claws, sipping from his own mug, and generally being cooed by his human. Flo calls to Harry not to let the cat out, but jealous Harry aids Gordy's escape. Lucky for mean-spirited Harry, accidents do happen, but this one happened in filmed cuts: first you see a live cat near a car wheel, cut to the car backing up - sound effects - then a bag which we are told holds the victim's body. Nutsack never had to appear in the body sack at all. A professional animal handler was on set to attend to the feline star.