Deathstalker III

The third thrilling saga of Deathstalker pits him against the evil wizard and ruler of the Southland, Troxartes, and his band of undead warriors. Dashing Deathstalker is entrusted by the beautiful Princess Carissa to protect an enchanted Jewel one of three which together hold the key to the lost city of treasure, Erendor. The missing pair of gems are stashed all too safely in the heavily guarded castle of the wicked Troxartes. His mission clear, Deathstalker rouses his troops and storms the fortress with the power of lightning. And in this fateful battle, one man will survive to witness the magical secrets of Erendor.

  • Starring: John Allen Nelson and Carla Herd
  • Director(s): Alfonso Corona
  • Producer(s): Triana Films
  • Screenwriter(s): Howard R. Cohen
  • Distributor: Concorde Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Not Monitored
  • Release Date: Saturday, April 01, 1989

Featured Animal Action

AHA received reports that horses were tripped during the making of this film, earning the film an Unacceptable rating. The ongoing expansion of the AHA Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media has raised the standard of care for animal actors worldwide. In addition, technological advancements have created safe alternatives to risky action, enabling filmmakers to maintain their creative vision without compromising the welfare of animal actors. AHA continues to be a vigilant watchdog for animals in film and television and acknowledges the groundbreaking history of this program while expanding and refining procedures to reflect increased knowledge and new challenges.