Drop Zone

Drop Zone, an action-packed thriller, involves thievery, deceit, murder, blackmail, love and skydiving. A group of five hell-raising skydivers plan a heist that will tap into all government records and lists of undercover F.B.I. agents so that they can be sold to the underworld drug lords for the handsome price of $200,000,000 a month. The group kidnap Earl Leedy, a criminal computer mastermind, from prison to help them in their endeavor. By obtaining these records, the underworld will be able to do virtually anything they wish, as they will enable them to eliminate the agents at will. This heist is to take place in Washington D.C. at the capital building during the largest skydiving event of the year. Pete, a U.S. Marshall, infiltrates the closely knit clique of skydivers in order to try and foil this dastardly plot. He meets Jessie, a beautiful young skydiving instructor, and together, through some hair raising stunts and breathless moments, they are able to capture the crooked skydivers and overthrow the plan.

  • Starring: Wesley Snipes, Gary Busey and Yancy Butler
  • Director(s): John Badham
  • Producer(s): Paramount Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Tony Griffin, Guy Manos
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Monday, October 17, 1994

Featured Animal Action

There are several animal scenes in this picture, most of which are mild. One scene takes place in the prison where Earl is serving time. An alligator is seen going into the moat that surrounds the prison. This was stock footage that was added in post production. Inside the prison we see that Earl cares for a family of cats. He is seen holding, petting and feeding the cats. Upon his escape, he takes the cats, in cat carriers, with him. Once outside, the cats are loaded onto an airplane for transport. In reality, the cats were placed in the carriers and on the plane by their handlers, but were never actually transported on the plane. In another scene a hawk is in a tree and a mouse is in a meadow. The hawk and the mouse were filmed separately. The hawk then supposedly swoops down out of the tree and snatches up the mouse. This was stock footage from a nature documentary added in post production. In still another scene one of the skydivers is seen feeding a raccoon. This was a tame raccoon that had been placed in the scene by his wrangler. He merely took the food offered him by the actor. Pelicans at a wharf being fed scraps by a local restaurant cook are also seen.