Easy Wheels

Easy Wheels is a spoof of biker films liberally punctuated with vulgar language, sex and nudity. A baby girl abandoned in the woods by her parents is raised by wolves and becomes She-Wolf the leader of a pack of Amazon bikers.

  • Starring: Paul Le Mat, Eileen Davidson, Marjorie Bransfield
  • Director(s): Paul Le Mat and Eileen Davidson
  • Producer(s): New Star Entertainment
  • Screenwriter(s): Ivan Raimi, Sam Raimi
  • Release Date: Wednesday, July 12, 1989

Featured Animal Action

When biker, Bruce finds a baby in the woods and is attacked by a wolf, the wolf was actually jumping on one of his handlers dressed as Bruce and who was holding a piece of meat as a reward. When Bruce defends himself with a branch it is filmed in short takes and the wolf is never struck.