Hoffa is the story of Jimmy Hoffa, played perfectly by Jack Nickelson, and the evolution of the Teamsters Union. A stranger approaches Bobby Chearro, a truck driver, who is stopped at the side of the road taking a rest. Much to Bobby's objection, the stranger insists on riding with Bobby so that he may explain the idea behind the Brotherhood of the Teamsters Union. The stranger introduces himself to Bobby. His name is Jimmy, Jimmy Hoffa. Jimmy has Bobby drop him off before they reach Bobby's appointed stop, so that no one will suspect Bobby of conspiring to join the Union. A few days later Jimmy is making the rounds to all of the trucking company's trying to convince everyone to join up with the Union. Jimmy stops at the trucking company where Bobby is employed and lets out the information that they had ridden together and spoke of the Union. This statement costs Bobby his job. Bobby is furious and approaches Jimmy with a knife. One of Jimmy's friends stops Bobby from killing Jimmy and Jimmy offers Bobby a job with the Union. We watch as, through the years, Bobby becomes Jimmy's right hand man. We see how the Teamsters Union worked its way to a thriving membership of over 1,800,000. We see the power that it held and how much it really cost Jimmy Hoffa.

  • Starring: Jack Nickelson and Danny DeVito
  • Director(s): Danny DeVito
  • Producer(s): 20th Century Fox
  • Screenwriter(s): David Mamet
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Tuesday, November 24, 1992

Featured Animal Action

Animal action consisted of one scene in which Hoffa and a few others go hunting. A deer walks up to where the men are standing amongst the trees, but Bobby is the only one who sees the deer. He takes his revolver out of its holster and shoots the deer three times. This scene was shot in cuts. When Bobby supposedly shoots the deer, we see only Bobby firing the gun. Then we see the back of the dead deer's head lying on the ground amidst the leaves. A mounted deer's head that had been hanging on the walls of the Pennsylvania Fish and Game Department was borrowed and used for this scene.