How To Be A Latin Lover

A man who made his lifelong career seducing rich older women suddenly finds himself without a job and is forced to move home with his estranged sister and her son.
  • Starring: Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek
  • Director(s): Ken Marino
  • Producer(s): Eugenio Derbez, Ben Odell
  • Screenwriter(s): Chris Spain, Jon Zack
  • Distributor: Pantelion Films
  • Animal Coordinator: Performing Animal Troupe, Hollywood Animals       
  • Release Date: Friday, April 21, 2017

Featured Animal Action

In the scene where a truck crashes into a house and we see reaction shots of chickens, a donkey and goats in the front yard, the trainers brought the animals to their marks prior to shooting the scene. After the scene with the truck hitting the house, the trainers called the animals and the director got various reaction shots of the animals. The truck was never close to the animals. The animals were not on set when the truck hit the house.

In the scene where the actress opens the door holding a cat and we see at least a dozen more cats in her apartment in the background, trainers brought all the cats to the set in their carriers prior to filming. The trainers also placed food around the apartment in various places to keep the cats in place. The actress and the cat were well acquainted prior to shooting the scene. The cats were also featured in a different scene in the same apartment. The cats spent a good amount of time together and got along well!

In the scene where the actress gives her cat a bath in the kitchen sink, the trainer filled the sink with warm water and slowly placed her cat in the sink. The cat was totally comfortable being bathed by the actress.