Knights is an adventure-fantasy set in a desolate and barbaric world of the future where cyborgs hunt and enslave humans or kill them so that they may feed on their blood. The young heroine of the story is Nea, a human who struggles to survive to adulthood after she escapes an attack by cyborgs on her family and all are killed. Nea is rescued by Gabriel, the only good cyborg, who was sent by The Creator to correct his design that went awry. Nea asks Gabriel to teach her how to fight and kill cyborgs. Dressed in a revealing costume, the well-endowed and athletic Nea learns skills that would make Rambo hang his head in shame. She becomes a formidable opponent for the cyborgs.

  • Starring: Kris Kristofferson and Kathy Long
  • Director(s): Albert Pyun
  • Producer(s): Kings Road Entertainment
  • Screenwriter(s): Albert Pyun
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown

Featured Animal Action

Horses are present in several scenes. As cyborg horsemen attack an encampment of human villagers they ride through the group and kill the villagers. There is one horsefall, a horse rear and a couple of saddle falls. They were all performed by professional riders and stuntmen. The falling horse was a trained falling horse and the rearing horse was also a trained horse. The ground was properly prepared for the horsefalls. That is the only action scene with horses. Although horses are ridden in several other scenes, the riding is simple and basic. In other animal action a parrot sits on the hand of a cyborg and later a black Macaw is also perched on a cyborg. Later a hawk is visible on a tree branch and takes flight. This production was filmed in Utah. American Humane was not on the set, but according to the Utah Humane Society, they discussed the animal action with the trainer and all animal action was performed in an Acceptable manner.