Brain Donors

Lame Ducks is a zany comedy about snooty attorney, Edmund Lazlo, and his nemesis, Roland T. Flakfizer, an ambulance-chasing attorney who is about to be disbarred, and whom the police are always after for various warrants. Lillian Oglethorpe is a recently widowed dowager who had hired Flakfizer a few years back to handle an accident case, and in the meantime has named him her "personal" solicitor. This is all explained as Lazlo is about to read Mr. Oglethorpe's will. The late Mr. Oglethorpe left a portion of his money to establish "The Oglethorpe National Ballet Company". So now the struggle between Lazlo and Flakfizer to be administrator of the ballet company starts.

  • Starring: John Turturro, Bob Nelson and Mel Smith
  • Director(s): Dennis Dugan
  • Producer(s): Paramount Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Pat Proft, George S. Kaufman
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Monday, June 10, 1991

Featured Animal Action

During a garden party at Lillian's home, a small dog approaches Rocco, an assistant to Flakfizer, nips at his ankles and tears his pant leg off at the knee. The dog leaves, only to return when the music starts to play and then "dances" with Rocco by jumping up and down. The dog playing when pulling at the pant leg and was trained to rip material. He did not attempt to bite the actor. The material had been pre-cut so that it was easily torn away. When the dog jumps up and down he was jumping up waiting for the actor to give him the squeaky toy that was in the actor's coat pocket. In one scene as Flakfizer is in pursuit of an ambulance, he jumps over a fence onto the top of a dog house with a German Shepherd in it. The Shepherd chases Flakfizer across the yard where Flakfizer throws a string of weenies to the dog. The dog was placed in the dog house and the trainer played the part of the actor. The dog was playing chase and fetch with the trainer and the fake string of weenies was his toy. In other animal action seven spaniels trotted across the stage behind a man dressed in a duck costume and a dog was walked through the park as background.