Nick Kaminski, a successful architect, comes to Elderville to see his mother, who is in the hospital dying. Nick has not seen his mother since he was a very small boy. Nick's father was killed in a mysterious accident which caused Nick's mother to go a little crazy, and Nick was placed in a home. While staying in Elderville he spots a very unusual building constructed of cast iron, the Ralston building, and is quite intrigued with it. He returns to the building and discovers it is to be destroyed by a wrecking crew run by Paul, a former college friend whom he has not seen in over ten years. Paul insists Nick come to his home to attend the birthday party Paul is giving for his wife, Jane. When Nick arrives at the party, he meets Jane and there is an instantaneous fire that ignites between them the moment their eyes meet. Nick and Jane start meeting at the Ralston building while Paul is out of town on business. During their passionate encounters, Nick discovers that there may be more to this building than just the construction that he is drawn to, it may indeed be the place where his father was murdered!

  • Starring: Kevin Anderson, Pamela Gidley and Kim Novak
  • Director(s): Mike Figgis
  • Producer(s): Path_ Entertainment
  • Distributor: MGM Studios
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Tuesday, July 23, 1991

Featured Animal Action

Animal action consists of only one scene. As Nick is rummaging through the building, he surprizes a cat that is inside a piano with a dead rat. The cat jumps out, frightening Nick. The rat was a prop stuffed with catnip that the cat was playing with.