Little Animals

All the Little Animals is a drama about an emotionally damaged young man who runs from an evil stepfather and is befriended by an eccentric loner. The stepfather's cruelty is demonstrated when he spitefully kills the boy's pet, prompting the boy to run away. He is rescued by a hermit, Mr. Summers, who devotes his life to traveling the roadways and burying the poor animals killed by automobiles. The story however becomes a metaphor for animal and environmental rights issues and is punctuated with a thriller twist.
  • Starring: John Hurt, Christian Bale and Daniel Benzali
  • Director(s): Jeremy Thomas
  • Producer(s): BBC, British Screen, Isle of Man Film Commision
  • Distributor: Lions Gate Films
  • Animal Coordinator: Mike Culling, Paul Ball

Featured Animal Action

All the Little Animals was filmed in Cornwall, England, UK and on the Isle of Man outside of American Humane Association's jurisdiction. The production company has stated that the dead animals were actual road kill from the area in which the filming occurred or taxidermy animals. Professional handlers were hired for the live animal action.