Little Big Foot: The Journey Home

Little Big Foot: The Journey Home is the story about Brian, Shelley, and Mike, three kids that befriend Little Big Foot, a Sasquatch, who is attempting to find his way home. Little Big Foot's mother was killed by trappers and the same men are after him, however, the kids save him and return him to his home where there are several more Sasquatch.

  • Starring: Keren Noah Smith and Michael Fishman
  • Director(s): Art Camacho
  • Producer(s): New Journey Productions
  • Distributor: P.M. Entertainment
  • Release Date: Wednesday, November 13, 1996

Featured Animal Action

n one scene the boys have constructed a crude rabbit trap using a box propped up by a stick, with food as bait. A rabbit is seen sitting in front of the trap eating some grass while the boys watch from behind a tree. The trainer placed the rabbit in front of the box and scattered some food on the ground.

Other animal action consists of stock footage of a bear, deer, and a flock of birds.