Little Heroes

Little Heroes is a movie made for video. It is the heartwarming story of 10-year-old Charley Wilson and her best friend, Fuzz, her dog. Charley and her family live in a small farming town. When Charley tries to make friends with the other little girls her age, she is harassed and rejected by them because of her family's poverty. But Charley and Fuzz have one good friend, Alonzo, a rather crusty old farmer. When Alonzo gets his hand caught in a hay bailer Charley and Fuzz must perform the rescue that will save his life.

  • Starring: Raeanin Simpson, Kathrine Willis, Keith Christensen and "Hoover" as Fuzz
  • Director(s): Craig Clyde
  • Producer(s): Majestic Entertainment
  • Distributor: Hemdale Home Video, Inc.
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Monday, November 25, 1991

Featured Animal Action

Fuzz is seen throughout the movie as Charley's companion. All animal action is mild. In one scene Fuzz eats a piece of poisoned meat that has been left for an unknown chicken thief and doesn't return home that day. Charley goes in search of Fuzz, and finds him, lying dead in the tall grass. In order to accomplish this scene Fuzz had been instructed by his owner/trainer to "play dead" and, of course, the meat was not actually poisoned. Other animals include farm animals and a fox used as background and a baby mouse that Charley holds in her hand and pets.