Lolita is the remake of the 1962 film based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov about Humbert Humbert, a forty year old European man who develops a passion for his landlady's twelve year old daughter, Dolores, better known as Lolita. He is tormented by desires, but is unable to stop.

  • Starring: Jeremy Irons, Dominique Swain and Melanie Griffith
  • Director(s): Adrian Lyne
  • Producer(s): Lolita Productions
  • Release Date: Thursday, January 16, 1997

Featured Animal Action

There is a scene where Humbert is in a taxi on his way to Lolita's house and a dog is heard barking. The dog is seen running from the steps of a front porch towards the car. Then he is seen jumping up to the window barking as the taxi slowly moves down the street. As the taxi moves on, the dog chases the vehicle down the road a short distance. The same dog is seen in several other scenes jumping up and down barking when Humbert arrives home. These scenes were shot in cuts. For the scene where the dog jumps up to the car window, as a safety precaution, a plywood barrier covered with a black cloth was attached to the side of the car to insure that the dog would not come into contact with the tires. For all other chase scenes the dog is at least 15ft. away from the car. There is a scene at a hotel when Lolita gets down on her hands and knees to playfully hold a cocker spaniels face in her hands.. The trainer placed the dog on his mark and cued him with verbal commands. Other animal action consists of several scenes where a dog is seen sitting on a porch at a store or outside a residence. There are some cows seen in a field as Humbert drives his car down a country road. A strip of fly paper is also seen in a scene with flys stuck to it. A bug light is seen on the front porch of a hotel and moths are supposedly being zapped by the light.