Magic Kid II

Magic Boy 2 is a movie made for young audiences. The story revolves around Kevin Ryan, an average 15-year-old boy in every sense of the word with one exception, he's a teenage Ninja movie star. Kevin is finding it increasingly difficult to continue his school studies while sticking to his grueling movie-making schedule, so he hires a private tutor. However, a ruthless producer, concerned only with making millions for himself with Kevin's movies, and Kevin's rather dense Uncle Bob, have the tutor dismissed. All Kevin wants is to be a normal kid and attend school with his peers. Kevin, completely fed up, runs away from home and retreats to the safety of his ex-tutor's home, where he finds the comfort of a family atmosphere. He also becomes smitten with the tutor's daughter, Maggie. Kevin's producer hires some thugs to strong-arm Uncle Bob in order to find out where Kevin is. Uncle Bob finally comes to his senses and agrees that Kevin's education is more important. He goes to pick Kevin up at the tutor's house and the two of them confront the relentless producer and his thugs head on.

  • Starring: Stephen Furst and Tedjan Roberts
  • Director(s): Stephen Furst
  • Producer(s): P.M. Entertainment
  • Screenwriter(s): Stephen Furst, Nick Stone
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Monday, October 11, 1993

Featured Animal Action

Kevin and Uncle Bob have a pet Bulldog, Beauford, who is frequently seen carrying Uncle Bob's portable phone around the house in his mouth. In reality, this was one of the dog's toys. In one scene when the movie thugs are trying to interrogate Uncle Bob for information leading to Kevin's whereabouts, we see Uncle Bob and Beauford tied to dining room chairs with their mouth's taped shut. To accomplish this, the dog had been trained to sit in the chair with loose ropes draped around him, which gave the illusion the dog was tied to the chair. The tape on the dog's mouth was not actually tape, but cloth which had been moistened and placed over the dog's mouth for this shot. Beauford is also seen rolling on the lawn playing with Uncle Bob, sitting in a chair at a poker table while Uncle Bob and his friends play cards, and sneaking out of the house with Uncle Bob, to escape the thugs. In one other scene a truck is seen in a ditch after an accident. The truck was supposedly carrying chickens in crates, and feathers are seen everywhere. For this scene the feathers had just been placed there. No chickens were actually on the truck. Two chickens were, however, filmed standing in the road by the truck.