Metro is a film about Roper, a hostage negotiator for the metro police department in San Francisco. Roper and McCall, his new partner, are at the scene of a robbery/hostage situation when Roper recognizes the robber, Korda, as the man who recently killed a fellow officer, who happened to be his best friend. Korda is arrested and placed in jail, however, he later escapes and kidnaps Ronni, Roper's girlfriend. Ropper must now devise a plan of action to free Ronni and at the same time recapture Korda.

  • Starring: Eddie Murphy, Michael Wincott and Carmen Ejogo
  • Director(s): Thomas Carter
  • Producer(s): Caravan Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Randy Feldman
  • Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Wednesday, January 17, 1996

Featured Animal Action

Ronni and Roper's dog, Troy, is seen in several scenes where he is lying on the floor, running from A to B, or sitting in the front seat of a truck. For all of these scenes the dog was placed on his mark and cued by his trainer either with a verbal or hand command. When the dog is in the truck, a trainer was lying on the floor of the truck to cue the dog when necessary. There is a scene where Roper and Troy enter the apartment and Troy, sensing something wrong, runs towards the back door, barking. The dog jumps up, placing his paws on the door as he continues to bark. Trainer #2 released the dog and he ran to the door where trainer #1, on the other side of the door, cued the dog to jump up and bark. When the actor opens the door the dog exits going to trainer #1. Other animal action consists of some seagulls seen at a distance from the inside of a warehouse window. Then there are some horses seen at a race track being walked around before the race and also seen while racing.