One Good Cop

One Good Cop explores the moral dilemma of Artie, a dedicated policeman. When faced with a financial crisis, Artie sees a chance to steal a fortune from the drug-lord who is indirectly responsible for Artie's partner's death. Artie and Steve are best friends and partners with the NYPD Detective Division. When Steve, a widower, is killed risking his life in a hostage situation, Artie and his wife, Rita, are made temporary legal guardians to Steve's three daughters. The childless couple become very attached to the girls and want to adopt them, but the social worker doesn't feel they can properly provide for the girls. Artie finds a perfect home in the Bronx for his family, but is lacking the necessary $25,000.00 to close the deal. Artie knows that the person who has that kind of money and more is the drug-lord he's dedicated himself to tracking down. He schemes of a way to steal the money with nobody being the wiser as to who the thief is.

  • Starring: Michael Keaton and Rene Russo
  • Director(s): Heywood Gould
  • Producer(s): Hollywood Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Heywood Gould
  • Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Wednesday, April 03, 1991

Featured Animal Action

There's a confrontation between cops and crooks in a rat infested New York City basement. Rats are on the floor and on various objects. At one point a rat bites a man's arm. This scene was very carefully choreographed prior to filming so that no rat would be stepped on or otherwise injured. For gun fire quarter loads were used. Real rats were mingled with mechanical rats and the scene was shot in numerous cuts for editing later. The staging area was barricaded around the perimeters as a precaution so that no rats would be lost. The rat clinging to the man's arm was a mechanical rat.