Queen's Logic

You don't have to come from Queens to get caught up in the lives of five best friends who shared a two bedroom Queens apartment back in the Seventies. They all get together one weekend to celebrate the marriage of Ray (Ken Olin) and Patty (Cloe Webb). The only problem is that even after Patty agrees to get married under the Hellsgate Bridge which looms over the Queens neighborhood where Ray and his friends grew up, Ray is still having second thoughts. At the same time Al (Joe Mantenga) and his wife Carla are celebrating their wedding aniversary. Al celebrates by buying Carla a $4,000 ring but when he is over 3 hours late for their dinner date, Carla celebrates by taking the kids and walking out. Everyone else has their own problems, too. Eliot (John Malkovich) is a repressed Queens homosexual who doesn't want to live a promiscous lifestyle, Dennis (Kevin Bacon) has the hots for Patty and Vinny can't find that one girl who will sit up and howl at the moon for him. Things come to a T at Ray's bachelor party which opens the lines of communication needed to help work out their problems.

  • Starring: Joe Mantegna, Ken Olin, Kevin Bacon, John Malkovich, and Cloe Webb
  • Director(s): Steve Rash
  • Producer(s): New Visions Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Tony Spiridakis, Joseph W. Savino
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Wednesday, July 18, 1990

Featured Animal Action

The animal action in Queens Logic is minimal and was supervised by the American Humane Association. There is one scene in Al's fish market where two seabass are carried out of the freezer and two workers throw fish parts at Eliot. This scene was actually shot in a real fish market so none of the seabass were harmed for the purpose of making the film. Two other scenes involve a kitten. In one it emerges from Al's pants and in another he licks some beer off Dennis' finger and is then placed in an open trumpet case. If you look closely you can see that when he is sitting in the trumpet case he is eating something. It is simply kitty food and is the same thing he was fed from the beer can.