Quest of the Delta Knights, The

The Quest for the Delta Knights is a period adventure film set in medieval times. It tells the story of one young boy, Travis, called Tee, and how he single handedly must try and change the course of the world.

Tee, a young boy made into a slave after the murder of his parents, is bought at a slave auction by an apparent pauper, Badoul. Badoul is not actually a beggar, but uses this as a cover, as he is actually a member of The Order of the Delta Knights. The Order is a group of individuals who are trying to better the world and escape from the tyrant Vultare, who is a cruel and evil dictator. Through Badoul, Tee discovers that he is the chosen one in The Order and is the only one who possesses the powers to find the Lost Storehouse. This Lost Storehouse contains all of the knowledge gathered from the lost continent of Atlantis. Tee must locate the storehouse in order to help all of civilization further itself. With the aid of Badoul, Tee sets out on this very dangerous venture.

  • Starring: David Warner, Corbin Allred, David Kriegel, Olivia Hussey
  • Director(s): James Dodson
  • Producer(s): Metro Films
  • Screenwriter(s): Redge Mahaffey
  • Distributor: Hemdale
  • Release Date: Wednesday, January 05, 1994

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is simple. Horses are seen being ridden, pulling carts and as background. In one scene as Tee and his friend are trying to escape from Vultare's men, they stop at the side of the road for a moment, where Tee discovers that his horse has been struck by an arrow. This was merely the feather end of an arrow attached to the hind quarter of the horse with stage blood placed around it.

In another scene, Tee drops down out of a tree onto a horse behind it's rider. This scene was shot in cuts. A stunt man was filmed jumping out of a tree and the actor was shown standing up in the sturrups and then sitting down in the saddle behind the actress. These two takes were then spliced together. Other animal action included two girls leading goats down the side of a dirt road and a dog walking across the road.

American Humane was not on the set. However, Sonoma County Animal Regulation checked the housing and condition of the animals prior to filming.