Ride With the Devil

Ride With The Devil is a Civil War drama that revolves around Caleb Roedel, and his gang of confederate bushwackers who passionately want to save the south from Yankee 'scum'. Childhood friends are pitted against one another on the Kansas-Missouri border where most of Caleb's gang is killed off. In time, with the help of a new wife and child, Caleb comes to realize that there is more to life than fighting a war you cannot win.

  • Starring: Skeet Ulrich
  • Director(s): Ang Lee
  • Producer(s): Maple Wood Productions, Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): James Schamus
  • Distributor: USA Films
  • Animal Coordinator: Rusty Hendrickson

Featured Animal Action

Horses are used throughout the film. Trained rearing and falling horses ridden by professional stunt riders and re-enactors were used for all the battle scenes. These scenes were shot in cuts with cameras strategically placed to give the appearance of the horses and actors being closer than they actually were. Pickup riders were used to herd the animals to safety after the stunts. For all scenes involving fire, special effects personnel and wranglers choreographed the horses' movement and pla cement to keep them at a safe distance at all times. To insure the safety of the animals, all areas were checked for debris prior to each scene and the ground was properly prepared for all rearing and falling horse scenes. Other animal action consists of farm livestock in the background of many scenes. In one particular scene, a man is seen milking a cow just before one of the Rebels shoots him. Other mild animal action included mules shown at the base camp location.