Rubin and Ed

Ed, an unsuccessful real estate salesman, meets Rubin, a very odd looking introverted young man, while trying to recruit people for a real estate seminar. Rubin agrees to attend the seminar, but only if Ed will come to dinner and afterward take him to the desert to bury his dead cat Simon, which he's been keeping in his freezer. Rubin then takes possession of the car keys and they are off to the desert in Ed's company car. As they are on their journey, the car breaks down in the desert, leaving the two stranded. Now they must find a place to bury Simon and figure out how to return home.

  • Starring: Howard Hesseman, Chrispin Glover and Karen Black
  • Director(s): Trent Harris
  • Producer(s): Rubin and Ed, Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): Trent Harris
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Thursday, May 02, 1991

Featured Animal Action

Simon, the cat, is seen in several scenes. The cat used for the dead cat was a fake. In one scene as Rubin is daydreaming, we see Simon water skiing. This scene was done with the use of a mechanical cat. All other animal action was very mild, consisting of one scene of a spider crawling and one scene with a cat walking in an alley as background only.