Samantha is the zany story of a young, very unusual, girl who, on her twenty-first birthday, finds out that Walter and Marilyn Stigg are not her natural parents. Mr. and Mrs. Stigg tell Samantha that she was actually left on their doorstep in a wicker basket twenty one years ago. Samantha, feeling very betrayed, leaves her home to stay with her childhood friend, Henry, so that she may track down her true bloodline. Samantha takes us through many farcical adventures, and identities, in her quest to find her real parents.

  • Starring: Martha Plimpton, Hector Elizondo and Mary Place
  • Director(s): Stephen La Rocque
  • Producer(s): Planet Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): John Golden, Stephen La Rocque
  • Animal Coordinator: Unknown
  • Release Date: Friday, August 02, 1991

Featured Animal Action

In a flashback scene of Samantha's childhood, Samantha is conducting an experiment to see the affects of high-voltage wires being submerged into water...the water in her goldfish tank. When Samantha dunks the wires into the water there is a loud explosion. We then see several dead fish floating on the top of the remaining water and one fish flopping on the desk top. This scene was shot in cuts. Live fish were in the tank when Samantha lowers the non-live wires into the water, then it was cut to the explosion. When we see the tank again with the dead fish, these were dead frozen fish purchased from a bait store. The one flopping fish on the desk was attached to filament and the wire was pulled up and down to give the illusion that the fish was alive. In another flashback scene, Samantha has Henry lock her in an old trunk and push the trunk into the swimming pool so that she can prove that Houdini was not the only escape artist. When she fails to break the chains, Henry starts yelling for help, only to attract the attention of the next door neighbor's little dog, Grumpers. Grumpers runs over to Henry and starts barking and pulling on Henry's pant leg. In other scenes Grumpers is seen walking and sitting.