Servants of Twilight

Joey, a bright 6 year old, is accused of being the son of Satan by Grace Spivey, minister of the Church of the Twilight. Grace and her followers set out to destroy Joey, as per God's instructions. Christine, Joey's mother, seeks the help of the police to protect her son, but they are of no assistance. After numerous threats and attacks on their lives, Christine hires Charlie Harrison, P.I. and Company to protect them from the seemingly sinister woman and her congregation.

  • Starring: Belinda Bauer and Jarrett Lennon
  • Director(s): Jeffrey Obrow
  • Producer(s): Purple Tree Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): Dean R. Koontz, Jeffrey Obrow, Stephen Carpenter
  • Distributor: Trimark Pictures
  • Release Date: Wednesday, April 10, 1991

Featured Animal Action

There is one scene when Grace attempts to shoot Joey, but the gun mis-fires and blows a hole in the ceiling, allowing a flock of bats into the room. The bats swoop down on Grace and attack her, biting and clawing her face. The scene was achieved by the use of mechanical bats. Other animal action is very mild, although violence is spoken of, no abuse is ever seen. Joey's dog, Brandy, is seen as his companion.