Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash

Sex, Love & Cold Hard Cash is the story of how a swindled prostitute, Sarah Gallager, and a newly released ex-con, Doug Coleson, get together and track down the man who bamboozled the mob out of $25,000,000. Doug Coleson has just spent ten years in the Colorado State Penitentiary for armed robbery. He and three other men had ripped-off the race track for five million dollars, but before Doug was caught and sentenced, he was able to bury his share of the stolen loot. Upon his release he returns to his hiding place only to discover that the site where he had buried his stash had been dug up and turned into tract homes. Doug, broke, and a little more than depressed, returns to his hotel where he goes to the bar for a drink. He meets Sarah Gallager, a high-class prostitute, and rescues her from being busted by a vice-cop. A few days later Sarah discovers that she has been swindled out of her life savings by her stock broker, Jack Mansfield, who is also a broker for the mob. She looks up Doug, and together they set out to retrieve Sarah's money, along with the all of the mob's money that Mansfield has made off with, $25,000,000.

  • Starring: Jo Beth Williams and Anthony John Dennison
  • Director(s): Harry S. Longstreet
  • Producer(s): Universal City Studios, Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): Harry Longstreet
  • Distributor: MCA Home Video
  • Release Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1993

Featured Animal Action

Animal action is limited to one scene in which we see Badness, the deli owner's dog, tied on his leash to a pillar outside of the deli. Doug sits on the ground with the dog and offers him a can of beer. Badness eagerly licks the top of the can. The dog was really licking off baby food that had been placed on the top of the beer can by his trainer. Fish are also seen in an aquarium in one background scene.