Shadow of the Wolf

In the 1930's, Agaguk lives his traditional Inuit life. But one day, there is a murder in the tribe and Agaguk becomes a suspect. Soon he becomes persecuted by Henderson, a mean mountie, and he must flee through the cold winter of Northen Quebec.

  • Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips and Jennifer Tilly
  • Director(s): Jacques Dorfmann
  • Producer(s): Agaguk Films / Eiffel Productions
  • Screenwriter(s): Jacques Dorfmann, Evan Jones, David Milhaud
  • Distributor: Triumph Releasing
  • Release Date: Tuesday, December 15, 1992

Featured Animal Action

Missed first 5 min. due to non notification of MPAA. Apparently missed very important scene where bear is killed, some kind of a hunt, white bear is killed. When arrived at screening looked like sled dogs were in some kind of a fight, already on screen when B. Sands walked in. Very visible are lots of animal skins hanging in the igloo home of the Eskimos. Sled dogs can be seen lying around the camp in the snow. There's some kind of a conflict between Agaguk and his father, who is the chief of their tribe. They are both vying for the same lovely young Eskimo woman. Agaguk goes to the white fur trader by the name of Brown and collects the bears skins. There is a fight and the trader tries to kill Agaguk, but Agaguk ends up killing the white fur trader and a fire accidently starts and burns down the place with everything there, including the body of the fur trader. Agaguk flees and in fleeing, kidnaps his lady love and they escape on a sled out of the village. As Agaguk flees, his father curses him, saying he will be hunted down. There is a major snow storm as the dogs pull there sled and the two lovers build an igloo in the Tundra, which is a vast wilderness area. When they are inside the igloo there is a scene of a white wolf following their scent to the igloo. There is a fishing in the ice where Agaguk and another Indian can be seen standing on this frozen area with spears in their hand, with their attention focused on the ice, there is a spurting of water in one area of the ice so they focus on that one area and spear through the ice and when they cut through the ice and pull up what they have speared it's a dead seal. There is no sign of life, the seal is not moving, so it was already dead, or whatever they used. Agaguk is to be a father, his lover is pregnant, and he's very chovanistic. He was a boy, she wants a girl. He says girls are useless. She asks if she is useless. They have a little lover's spat. There is a scene of Agaguk on his sled with sled dogs pulling it as Agaguk cracks his whip. There is no visible contact between whip and dogs, he's just cracking it in the air. There are numerous points in the film where lots of fur pelts can be seen and that is where Agaguk is headed on his sled. He is taking the pelts to be sold to a white fur trader. They have a store where he barters for needed goods. Agaguk confesses to his lover that he really killed the fur trader and that the fur trader was not killed by the fire. A white policeman by the name of Henderson arrives on the scene to investigate the murder of Brown and as he comes into the village of which Agaguk's father is the chief, some 4 sled dog's growl at something of camera. There's a shot of sled dogs outside of the igloo outside in the wind and snow. This is outside of a Agaguk's. The scene switches from Agaguk's remote igloo to the Eskimo village. Agaguk is in his igloo having a dream and there is a snarling wolf in his dream which turns out to be a nightmare. There is a close-up on the face of a wolf with his lips curled up. Agaguk and his woman travel to her people that live at "the top of the world" her reference of where she came from. They live with them for awhile. As they travel there they go through an area where there is no snow and the sled dogs are on a leash with saddlebags over there mid-section. The also see a herd of bison and there is a shot of a very young bison at the rear of the herd, struggling to keep up with the rest. It flashes back to Henderson, who is going to stay in Agaguk's father's village until he can leave with the killer of the white man. He wanted his own igloo, but the chief insists that he live in his igloo with him, as he would be safer there. There is a shot in one of the Eskimo villages, weather it's the chief's village or where it's where Agaguk is a young Eskimo boy with a fish on a line. He just holds it up, proud. It's either a dead or prop fish. Where Agaguk is, the Eskimo's are hunting a whale that has traveled into there area and the young Eskimos have spears in their hands. You never see the full whale, just a dark floating object. When they spear it, at one point, you do see red color fill the water. The whale escapes and the chief of the village is in his own kyaik. He goes after the whale, but the whale gets under his Kyaik, tosses and flips him into the air and when he comes down he is killed. Agaguk is on foot and he jumps onto the back of the whale in the water and he spears it while on the back of the whale, never seeing a full whale. In the end credits fiberglass and models techs were listed. Suspect that the whale was fiberglass. The people all grived the loss of their chief. Agaguk leaves with his lover, she had wanted to stay with her people, where they would not be alone and they would have someone to hunt and fish with, but Agaguk wants to leave. In the meantime Henderson bribes an Eskimo man with booze to get information of the killing of Brown. The Eskimo who squeals is murdered by his own people. When Henderson discovers this, there is a confrontation. He loads up his dogs and his sled and he's going to leave. He knows he's in danger, but he's going to leave without Brown's murderer. As he's traveling out of the town the chief picks up a rifle and shoots him in the back and then numerous Eskimo men pounce on him with knives and they all knife him. One cuts out his liver and spleen and bites into it. The chief orders his body to be cut up in five pieces and buried in five directions. Back at Agaguk's igloo, his wife goes into very difficult labor and gives birth to a boy. Shortly there after a white wolf prowls outside their igloo and you can just see the wolf running from A to B in different areas and that's all that that shot is. Agaguk sees the tracks of the wolf in the morning and go to track the wolf. He doesn't find the wolf and goes back to the igloo to get traps for the wolf. As he's setting the traps you can see the wolf in isolated and close-up shots on a ridge of snow, growling. After the traps are set the wold attacks him from behind, biting into his face and tears off one side of his face. Agaguk, being in pain and blinded, steps into one of his own traps, and he's caught. The wolf attacks Agaguk again. In extreme close-up He knifes the wolf. All you see is a knife going into some white "fur". You don't see the whole wolf. He lays out there with the dead wolf. He wife goes in search of Agaguk and finds him with the wolf. She wraps up Agaguk and ties the dead wolf to it and drags the body back to the igloo. The wolf is tied up and hung, hanging down. She make some sort of salve from the dead wolf to administer to Agaguk. Thought he was dead, but is brought back to life from the concoction she makes. As she nurses him she also fishes. There is a scene where the wife catches a fish, through the ice, and feeds Agaguk. The fish is still moving when she pulls it through the ice. Moving slightly, but definately moving. There is a shot of a herd of reindeer. The wife shoots and kills one. You don't see an actual hit. You just see a dead something with antlers. Not a good shot, not clear and it's very brief. She is supposedly feeding her family by hunting. More police come and land in a small plane in the Eskimo village of Agaguk's father. They threaten to take all the rifles and white man's weapons and let the Indians exist on their own with their primitive weapons and face the winter without white mans weapons unless they give up the murderer of Brown and tell the police and tell the police what has happened to the missing Henderson. Practically an entire white wolf skin is seen hanging inside the igloo of the chief. The chief offers to find his son, Agaguk, if the police will give back the rifles that they have taken from the people. They're supposed to do that. They are supposed to search the tundra to try and find Agaguk the next day. So that night, the prior night, The chief sends an Eskimo out to warn Agaguk to get away. He decides to go back to hi father's village and let him decide. When they go back Agaguk's wife says "Agaguk fought the white wolf and his soul has left his body and returned". The father then tells the police that he killed Brown and Henderson and says that his son is now the leader of their people. The chief is taken by the police in the plane and just before they fly off, the rifles are dumped on the ground and given back to the people as the chief is taken up in the plane. As their high in the air the chief throws open the door to the plane and jumps from the plane. As his body is falling through the air it turns into a very large bird, an eagle of hawk, and begins to soar through the air. It lands on Agaguk arm. The End.