Sinbad and the Seven Seas

Lou Ferrigno stars as Sinbad in this adventure-fantasy made in Italy. A wicked wizard has spirited away the sacred gems of the kingdom and the good citizens will be at the mercy of evil forces unless Sinbad can return them to their rightful homes. Thus, Sinbad sets out on the seven seas where his search takes him to the Island of Amazons where he falls under the spell of a seductive queen. After he thwarts this evil enchantress, he must battle an army of ghost-warriors on horseback before continuing on his magical odyssey.

  • Starring: Lou Ferrigno
  • Director(s): Enzo G. Castellari
  • Producer(s): Pathe Entertainment
  • Screenwriter(s): Luigi Cozzi, Tito Carpi
  • Release Date: Monday, August 28, 1989

Featured Animal Action

In other animal action snakes are handled briefly.