Soccer Dog

Soccer Dog is a story about a dog who becomes lost from his family, befriends a young adopted boy named Clay and goes on to succeed as a soccer star, helping Clay learn some important lessons along the way.

  • Starring: Jeremy Foley, James Marshall and Sam McMurray
  • Director(s): Tony Giglio
  • Producer(s): Watershed Entertainment, Inc.
  • Screenwriter(s): Daniel Forman

Featured Animal Action

Park scene - a dog is playing with a boy, fetching a ball. The dog's name is Kimble. The ball rolls down a hill, and as the dog chases it, he runs through a gate, and comes face to face with a dogcatcher. The dogcatcher lifts the dog up by his front legs, the dog runs, but is caught as the dogcatcher throws a net on him. In the next scene, we see Kimble in a kennel being lifted into a van. Next scene is at the pound. We see the dogcatcher carrying Kimble into the pound. There are 3 or 4 other cages with dogs in them. Close-up on a rottweiler, salivating and staring at Kimble from another cage. On the dogcatcher's desk we see a stuffed dog, and some bones in the background. In another scene, we see the dogcatcher opening the kennels. Kimble is not in his kennel. In the next scene, we see Kimble climbing out of a manhole. He then chews off his tag from the pound. We see a series of scenes in which Kimble is wandering around town. We see him eating some food on the ground near a dumpster, digging in a flower bed, crossing a street as he sits in front of a young boy, Clay. Clay and his friend pet Kimble and Clay takes him home. We next see Kimble in Clay's closet. Clay feeds him and then pushes him into the closet and shuts the door to hide him from his dad. In another scene, Kimble (now re-named "Lincoln" by Clay) is hiding under Clay's bed. He comes out, barks, jumps up on the bed and barks again. In the next scene, we see Lincoln sitting on some bleachers with Clay's parents at a soccer game. Lincoln barks at the boys playing soccer. In another scene, Lincoln jumps up on Clay's bed and lays down with Clay. In another soccer scene, Lincoln is watching the boys practice. The ball rolls to Lincoln, who retrieves it, hitting it with his nose. Again we see Lincoln in the bleachers with Clay's parents watching a soccer game. As one of the boys is taken out of the game, Lincoln leaps off the bleachers, runs onto the field and licks Clay's face. The coach puts Lincoln in the game as a player. Clay ties a bandana on to Lincoln and we see various shots of Lincoln on the soccer field, sitting watching the ball, running around the soccer field with the kids. In one scene, Lincoln makes a goal. He sits up, barks, and waves a paw. Again we see numerous shots of Lincoln pushing the ball around with his nose. In another scene, we see Lincoln peeing on the other teams goalie's leg. We also see Lincoln run through some kids legs. Another bedroom scene where Clay wraps Lincoln in a blanket. Back at the pound, we see the angry rottweiler barking, snarling and drooling inside of his cage. A bully kid adopts the angry rottweiler. In another scene, we see Lincoln sitting and barking at Clay. He paws him, sits up with his arms in the air. Clay gives him a snack and Clay and his friend walk along with Lincoln. Clay and Lincoln stop in at a sport shop and visit the owner. The owner pets Lincoln. Clay and Lincoln leave the store and go out onto the sidewalk, where Lincoln sits. Lincoln then begins to bark at the bully kid. Lincoln then walks away with Clay and his friend. In another scene, (black and white scene) we see a puppy running to a bowl of food and eating, and then sitting up on its hind legs. A lady with a small dog knocks at Clay's door- she's holding the dog in her arms. In another scene, Clay and Lincoln walk into the house. Lincoln jumps over the couch and lies down on the floor. He later follows Clay to his room. In another soccer scene, we see the bully kid with the rottweiler watching the soccer game. Later we see Lincoln walking down the middle of a street. The dogcatcher spots him and Lincoln runs down the street as the dog catcher chases him in his van. Lincoln jumps over the hood of a car and runs through a garage, and then through a hole in a chain link fence, escaping from the dogcatcher. In another scene, we see Lincoln in the house, outside of Clay's room. Clay's door is shut, and Lincoln is scratching at the door trying to get in, whining and barking. Clay carries Lincoln outside and sets him down, locking him outside. Lincoln whines and then runs off, and finds himself face to face with the mean rottweiler. The rottweiler growls and the dogcatcher grabs Lincoln by the scruff. Lincoln squeals as the dogcatcher cuts his collar off with a large knife and puts Lincoln into his van. At the dog pound - we hear dogs whimpering and we see two dogs in kennels. Lincoln is in the back room with the dogcatcher. Clay's dad fights with the dogcatcher and frees Lincoln, while Clay releases all of the other dogs in the kennels (about five of them). The freed dogs chase the dogcatcher into the back room and we hear viscous attack sounds. Lincoln shows up for the final soccer game with Clay and his dad. Lincoln is out on the field with the boys, pushing the ball with his nose, running around, and barking. We see the mean rottweiler on the sidelines barking, growling and drooling. The rottweiler runs out onto the field and plows into Lincoln, knocking him out flat. We hear Lincoln yelp and then we see him just laying on the field whimpering. The rottweiler is taken away on a leash, still barking. Lincoln is taken away on a stretcher. We next see Lincoln lying on a vet table while a vet examines him. After a while, Lincoln jumps off of the vet table and runs out onto the field barking. He does a little trot/prance and gets back into the game. He jumps into the air, head butts the soccer ball and makes the winning goal. We see everyone petting Lincoln. After the game, we see Lincoln and Clay walking off the field. Lincoln/Kimble's original owner shows up and reclaims him. Clay hugs him goodbye. Later we see two puppies in a cardboard box whining. And even later, we see Clay feeding one of the puppies under the table at dinner. There is another scene with the lady with the Brussels, lying in bed with a man and another dog. Most of the scenes were accomplished with verbal commands, such as sit, stay and bark, as well as food incentives. For the rather intense scene, where the rottweiler plows into Lincoln and knocks him down, the trainer put Lincoln in place and told him to stay. Three feet away, another trainer put the rottweiler in place. The trainer then shows the rottweiler some food w/ mark. He puts the mark just on the opposite side of Lincoln. The trainer tells the rottweiler to nudge it. The rottweiler pushes Lincoln with his head, and his head goes under Lincoln's belly, gently pushing him out of the way. For the scenes where Lincoln was pushing the ball with his nose, the soccer ball was in a ring that allowed it to roll and still be contained. The trainer sat next to camera and told dog to nudge the ball and run. The camera and trainer were on a golf cart. For the scenes where Lincoln licks people's faces, baby food was placed on the actors face to get the dog to lick it. For the scenes where the dogcatcher cuts Lincoln's collar off of his neck, the collar was pre-cut and the knife.