Streets portrays the lives of young, homeless street people who turn to prostitution and drugs to sustain their hopeless existence. A young man stumbles into this seamy lifestyle when he comes to the aid of a teenage hooker being brutally attacked. The attacker is a psychotic killer who pursues the young couple and leaves a trail of violence and death in his blood thirsty search for the girl.

  • Starring: David Mandenhall and Christian Applegate
  • Director(s): Katt Shea
  • Producer(s): Concorde Pictures
  • Screenwriter(s): Andy Ruben, Katt Shea
  • Release Date: Friday, December 22, 1989

Featured Animal Action

In a brief scene, a crippled dog uses a cart with wheels to move about. The dog is actually normal and merely sat on the cart. In other animal action, a horse and cat are seen briefly and a goat is milked.